Committed to creating thriving and sustainable communities, the Suburban Land Agency is designing and building a series of demonstration precincts to set innovative housing benchmarks for industry and the wider community.

Our demonstration precincts showcase smart design typologies, leading-edge building technologies and climate-wise landscapes for low-carbon and sustainable living. During the development, we partner across government and industry to set new pathways for buildings and landscapes to deliver on the ACT Government’s ambitious sustainability agenda.

North Wright Compact Housing

North Wright Compact Housing is a two-stage demonstration precinct for net zero small-footprint housing, comprising 43 separately titled, terrace-style blocks. Located within the Molonglo Valley approximately 14 kilometres west of Canberra City Centre, it will be a landscape-oriented townhouse and landscape precinct. North Wright Compact Housing will showcase how a sustainable house and land package of high design and sustainability quality, with ‘room to grow’ your house, garden and your community.

To enhance the pedestrian experience, the central laneway in the precinct will be transformed through landscaping and placemaking interventions into a ‘play’ street and communal space for residents. Micro-parks with tree planting and seating will be created with the overall goal to achieve a 30% tree canopy and 30% planted area in both public and private open areas despite the compact block design. The private and public landscapes will feature edible gardens and fruit trees, with a special focus on Ngunnawal planting. The micro-spaces in the verges and public realm are designed to serve as the social glue of the new community, providing inclusive spaces with supportive infrastructure such as moveable furniture, timber pergolas, BBQ facilities, nature play areas, and a bike repair station.

Whitlam Innovation Precinct

Our Innovation Precinct located in Whitlam's Display Village invites the public to experience and learn about sustainable and multi-generational design, building innovation, and climate-wise gardening. The precinct showcases three terraces and a single residential home, inviting gardens with nature play, seating, climate-wise plants, and vegetable plots.

The project emphasises low carbon housing through passive solar design, airtight and well insulated building envelopes and energy efficiency through roof top solar, battery storage and a heat recovery system. Water efficiency measures, a green roof and the use of sustainable and recycled materials are further innovation features.

Supported by a place activation and management plan, including a dedicated curator and a community development program over five years, a café run as a social enterprise, these initiatives provide services to residents and the wider community until further community and retail infrastructure is established.