The SLA's Display Village is the perfect place to start your journey to home ownership. From Mingle events to discovering what’s possible in our Innovation Precinct – you're sure to find everything you need to make your dream home a reality.

Our Display Village is in Whitlam

Our Display Village is a way for new residents and visitors to connect and take part with both Whitlam and the services we provide.

It offers a unique opportunity to see a wide range of new homes and townhouses from some of Canberra's leading builders.

Location: Corner of Sculthorpe Ave and Klaus Moje St, Whitlam

Opening times: 10am to 4 pm, Thursday to Sunday (closed on public holidays).

Please note - Opening times may vary for the builders display homes.

You can also visit Sales and Information Centre and learn what it’s like to join of one of our thriving communities.

A map of the display village for Whitlam

Display Homes

Get an inside look at various designs available when building a home through our partner builders. If you're not sure where to start, SLA's Residential Sales team can point you in the right direction.

The display village builders include:

Innovation Precinct

Showcasing sustainability

Our Innovation Precinct in Whitlam showcases our commitment to creating thriving communities. The Innovation Precinct showcases 3 sustainable development dwellings designed for multi-generational living.

The demonstration dwellings showcase low carbon living, including

  • all electric heating, cooling and ventilation as well as appliances
  • airtight and well insulated building envelopes (5 air changes each hour)
  • renewable energy production through rooftop solar and battery storage
  • heat recovery system for healthy indoor air climate and energy saving
  • uPVC framed window systems with double glazing and low argon fill
  • thermal mass through burnished concrete with 70% recycled fly ash content
  • recycled and carbon neutral bricks
  • a green roof
  • permeable driveways and paving for stormwater penetration
  • electric vehicle charging to each dwelling
  • livable design (platinum, gold and silver level) for accessibility and adaptability.

Our Innovation Precinct has been sustainably designed to showcase innovative design and building practices to inspire more environmentally conscience living. Our demonstration homes maximise the use of recycled materials where possible. Where recycling or reusing wasn’t an option, other materials were chosen for their low environmental impact.

View the innovation display homes

Climate Wise Garden

Discover how to create a drought-tolerant and low-maintenance garden. Learn about indigenous plants that are adapted to dry conditions as well as a rainwater harvesting system and a composting system.

Mingle Community Space

Our Mingle team is pivotal in helping to create thriving communities and build strong networks of leadership within all our neighbourhoods. Here we hold regular events and workshops that help the community connect and learn.

Learn more about Mingle.

Sales and Information Centre

The Residential Sales team is a diverse group of passionate folk who can talk you through how we sell homes and land to the public while getting you started on your journey to homeownership.

If you'd like to tour our Innovation Precent you should contact our Sales and Information Centre first.